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Mae West once said “It’s better to be looked over, than overlooked.”

If you and your business are feeling overlooked, then it’s time to get noticed! At Marketing Mocktail, a toast to your results is our goal!

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How to make your print ad cross the digital divide

Having sold print ads for newspapers and magazines throughout the years and even for my own niche newspaper in 2003-2004, I’ve answered many questions about print ads, particularly centered around, “Do they work?” or “How can I get them to work?” For any ad to work–meets the advertiser’s objective–many components and considerations are necessary. The top […]

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Live Training – What to Give Away to Grow Your Email List, Wednesday, May 25th!

[5/26/16 UPDATE]:  You can watch the replay here. If you’re reading this, you already know how important your email list is. You know how important it is to build your audience of potential customers, so that you can easily alert them the next time you have a new blog post, webinar, or sales opportunity. But exactly […]

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12-Video Marketing Course — A simple tool to grow your business

Once in a blue moon, something comes around that’s too good to pass up; too good for me not to share with you. Well, today is one of those times. Because Leadpages has put together an incredible and thorough educational course on Marketing Automation for Small Business, with a super high production value… …and they’re […]

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Our Signature Mocktail

“Hello Ossifer”
A non-alcoholic drink this good should be outlawed.

2 shots of ginger beer
1 shot sparkling limeade juice
1 shot sparkling pomegranate juice
1 tablespoon raspberry syrup
1 lime (fresh squeezed)
4 sprigs of fresh mint
Best in glass half-filled with ice

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