If you landed on this blog post, you probably are one of many frustrated Facebook Page users who discovered the video adjustment feature that Facebook–for reasons unknown–removed some time ago. As you can see from this screenshot from a thread in the Advertiser Help Center, users thought this a poor choice and don’t mince words about their displeasure: “Facebook is obtuse.”

Facebook Support gets a lot of not helpful comments for feedback on no ability to rotate a video on Facebook.

How come I can't rotate or flip a video on Facebook anymore?

I’m puzzled by this removal as well because video is THE most watched medium on Facebook and you’d think they’d want our videos to land right side up, eh? And if you read Jade’s response from Facebook, it seems as if users actually gave them feedback that they didn’t want the useful and convenient feature of flipping their videos right side up–I don’t buy that. If you frequent the Advertiser Help Center, you’ll notice that feedback from customer support people usually sends you to their intake form for feedback and doesn’t help resolve the issue.

Okay, enough of ragging on the “Help” forum. After searching extensively, the workaround solution is to get an App to rotate or flip your video at the source, your phone, not when loading up to Facebook.

Some apps have fees and a few are free, such as “Rotate video and Flip”, “Video Rotate & Flip (No Time Limit)”, and “Video Rotate Free”. I personally bought “Video Rotate & Flip” for iPhone for a small fee. If you’re an Android user, check out “Part 2: Top 10 Apps to Rotate Videos on Android Phone” (scroll down once click through).

Don’t be surprised if you buy an app then login to Facebook and find that the video rotate feature is back. Facebook certainly likes to surprise us with new features as well as disappearing features. If this important feature reappears on Facebook, I’ll update this Post. Meanwhile, get this type of app today and save yourself a lot of frustration later.



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  1. Comment by John Reese

    John Reese Reply May 21, 2017 at 1:03 am

    The person who decided to remove the feature should be sacked.

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