As  a small business marketer, you’re required to be nimble and resourceful using much smaller budgets and fewer resources than your larger competitors.

Consulting Only: $115/hour
Implementation: $80/hour

Ramp up your marketing efforts with Just Aim & Market PackageIf you’re testing the waters, try the  Just Aim and Market package intended for small business owners who want to get noticed online but aren’t sure where to start. The package includes:

  • listening to you describe your business and what’s prompting you to get help with your marketing
  • finding out what your customers value and if that’s what you’re delivering
  • possible short-term and long-term solutions
  • using tactical marketing efforts, such as:
    • Facebook
    • SMS marketing
    • email marketing automation
    • website SEO review
    • blogging
    • reputation management
  • how you can measure the success of your marketing efforts

With 20-plus years of marketing experience (9 years in the online space), you’ll get useful advice and practical tips that’ll help guide you toward making more informed marketing decisions.

One of my earlier jobs in Los Angeles was working at Doremus Porter Novelli on the team launching the California Lotto Ball game. Working in an agency was always a non-stop, high-stress environment, with big stakes. I was paying my dues as an Assistant Account Executive and was terrified of making a mistake. But a wise person there told me that the biggest mistake often made was “to take aim and never shoot”, resulting in lost opportunities. Every day that goes by without knowing where you’re headed with your marketing is another day lost, and those days don’t feel good.

Just Aim and Market:  $115/1-hour personalized call; an email recap; plus a Bonus Swipe File that will call for a toast!

To set up your personalized conversation, call 408-406-6268 today or email to set up a call.

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