It was officially summer blogging in my world once school ended, even if officially was before the summer solstice. Unlike students, though, business owners can’t take the summer off or much of the momentum runs downstream.

A newer client was sharing with me that online marketing was like a black hole, a seemingly endless myriad of options. The more she did, the more she realized could or needed to be done. I’d say I agree about the endless work. It’s like the domino effect–once one initiative is put in place, it cascades into another and another and the details behind the marketing efforts keep piling on. There are many days I wish I didn’t need sleep and more days than I can remember where I had to consult my smarter-than-me phone to know what day it is. But I secretly love being this busy. I like the buzz I get going on during lots of deadlines and tech challenges. For an English major, I’ve come a long way, baby! No longer can a marketer shy away from tech challenges. In fact, if I was starting out in college today and wanted to get into marketing, I’d major in Computer Science or Computer Engineering and Minor in Creative Writing/Design. The line is blurred these days and one-stop shopping for marketing employees/contractors is generally required of many, like myself, who probably were liberal arts majors.

But with all the freebie content and education available today, I gratefully gobble up all I can on weekly webinars, reading industry blogs, and taking online courses. Sure, a lot of what I learn is common sense (when related to real life interactions) or I’ve heard it before, but, more often than not, the information inspires me, pulls it out of my brain archives, or gives me fresh perspective on “same old, same old.” Today, I took another webinar, this one called “3 Steps to LinkedIn Mastery” hosted by Alex Pirouz. I always pull out my Yellow Pad notes, for which I’ve created a new blog category for easy future reference.

Here are my Yellow Pad blog notes from this July 21st webinar, hosted by Alex Pirouz:

LinkedIn webinar notes

Page 2 of my Yellow Pad blog notes.

 Examples of creative profile background images in LinkedIn–LinkedIn’s recommended specs:  1400 px (wide) x 375 px (tall)

Yellow Pad-LinkedIn topic-july 21 2015

Yellow Pad-LinkedIn topic-july 21 2015-2

If this gives you a single idea to implement, then it was worth writing. Cheers!

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  1. Comment by Aida Pinto

    Aida Pinto Reply August 3, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Hi Teresa….great blog. It’s been a while but I hope all is well. It’s great to read your blog. I’m trying to market my real estate services on line as well–its been a bit daunting, to say the least. I’ve read that I should blog about real estate and that will give me organic SEO. I have blogged and blogged and blogged–I blogged until I was “blue in the face!” I have had some success online; but it’s just not enough to justify the time I spend on the internet. I don’t have the deep pockets that my competitors have. I do have a small budget for advertising and, while I am reluctant to spend it on the internet, I know that the internet is the way to go. I’m just concerned about spending the little I have on something that may or may not work. I guess I want a guarantee, but none of the SEO companies that are pursuing me can give me a guarantee that I will be on page one of google.

    Do you have any suggestions for me? Are there any reliable SEO companies out there that deliver what they promise? Anyway, it’s good to keep in touch with you. Take care.

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