Overview of campaign using a date start timer and a delay timer.

How do I automate a sequence in Infusionsoft to start on a specific date but then run it using the delay timer?

When you want to set up a campaign in Infusionsoft, you have four choices of timers to work with: “Start” = Begins immediately “Delay Timer” = sets delays, such as send after 3 days on a weekday at 8am or send after 5 days, any day of the week, at 10am “Date Timer” = sets a […]

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How to upload and insert a file into an Infusionsoft email and mass update a file in emails

Working with file uploads in Infusionsoft Whether you’re offering a white paper, Ebook, or other type of content to a form subscriber, Infusionsoft makes it easy to upload a file and use it in a fulfillment email. There are two ways to insert an uploaded file into an Infusionsoft email. First, you can insert the file by […]

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