How to Like a Facebook business Page from a Business (Manager) Page account or from a personal profile

Surprise! You went into your Facebook Page to a) either share something on/from a business Page you want to follow or b) to “like” a new business Page and found the traditional interface had changed or you couldn’t find where to search for a Page. As it’s a good practice to Like or Follow relevant/complementary businesses, there are 2 […]

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How to rotate a video posted on my Facebook Page? The rotate icons are not there…

If you landed on this blog post, you probably are one of many frustrated Facebook Page users who discovered the video adjustment feature that Facebook–for reasons unknown–removed some time ago. As you can see from this screenshot from a thread in the Advertiser Help Center, users thought this a poor choice and don’t mince words about […]

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What is the Audience Network on Facebook?

Visible on mobile only, Facebook’s Audience Network is for advertisers who want to scale their campaigns and extend their reach off of Facebook. The network is a group of publishers who agree to have Facebook ads run on their mobile apps in exchange for monthly payments based upon advertisement results on its mobile apps. So, basically, without Audience […]

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Use Canva for inexpensive do-it-yourself social media graphics and headers

New to Canva? Canva is an online design tool and is featured in our Resources page under “Graphics”. Canva is an easy, useful tool for amateur designers or for small businesses who don’t have the budget to hire graphic design services. Canva offers many images, icons and shapes for free. However, if you need a […]

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