When you want to set up a campaign in Infusionsoft, you have four choices of timers to work with:

Infusionsoft timers for automated email sequences“Start” = Begins immediately

“Delay Timer” = sets delays, such as send after 3 days on a weekday at 8am or send after 5 days, any day of the week, at 10am

“Date Timer” = sets a specific date and time

“Field Timer” = sets an email to launch relative to a special date field, such as a birth date field or anniversary date field (not time).


A sequence in a campaign cannot use different timers in the same sequence, excepting “Start”. For example, a sequence will contain:

  • Start + Delay Timer, or
  • Start + Date Timer, or
  • Start + Field Timer

But what if you want a campaign to start on a specific date but then go every 3 days thereafter? Infusionsoft makes this easy to do. Simply create two sequences. The first sequence will contain Start + Date Timers and the second sequence will contact Start + Delay Timers. The following screenshots display this setup.

Overview of the campaign setup:

Overview of campaign using a date start timer and a delay timer.


Overview of 1st sequence setup using Date Timer:

Infusionsoft sequence using date timer

Overview of 2nd sequence setup using Delay Timer:

Infusionsoft sequence using Delay timer

Sequences give you creative license to build out campaigns custom to your needs. For more information on using sequences, read Infusionsoft’s guide to sequences.


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