Working with file uploads in Infusionsoft

Whether you’re offering a white paper, Ebook, or other type of content to a form subscriber, Infusionsoft makes it easy to upload a file and use it in a fulfillment email.

There are two ways to insert an uploaded file into an Infusionsoft email. First, you can insert the file by hyperlinking text using the LINK for the file that is generated by Infusionsoft. Second, you can insert a file using the File Snippet feature. This article shows you how to do both.

To upload a file, click the Tools icon as indicated by red arrow. In the dropdown that appears, select “File”.

Infuisionsoft Tools icon for uploading a file.

Have your filename ready to upload to avoid renaming it later. This means, ensure it conforms to your Company’s naming conventions. For example, if this file is a Tip Sheet, the name might be: Tip-Sheet-3-welcome-email templates-04162015.pdf … or if the file is an Ebook, it might be: Ebook-10-steps-to-email-success-04162015.pdf.  If you do need to rename a file after it’s loaded, that option is clearly available in the File library.

To load your Company File, click “Company Files” tab, then BROWSE, then ATTACH. Note that files over 10 MB are too big to be loaded.  (For Image uploads, use a simple file compressor like Microsoft Office Picture Manager to make your file smaller and make sure you’re uploading under the “Company Images” tab.)

How to load a company file into Infusionsoft.

Insert a file using hyperlinked text in an email

Once loaded, you’ll see a list like these (filenames redacted for privacy). If you want to insert a file into an email using hyperlinked text instead of the File Snippet, this is where you copy the link location by right-clicking the DOWNLOAD link for the relevant file. This will share it to your clipboard, or I recommend pasting it right away into Notepad to access later.

You can upload a file and copy its hyperlink from the Download link.

Insert a file using the File Snippet Feature

To insert a File into an email using the File Snippet, you’ll be in the Email Builder. Select SNIPPETS tab, then select the FILE tab. You’ll see the attachment.pdf appear and a window popup as shown below. You can either select a pre-loaded file or and you Add New File on the fly. Make sure you click SAVE. Click the SAVE icon for the Email work just completed. Done!

Insert a file into an email using Infusionsoft's File snippet feature.

What if I need to replace a file that is being used in an email(s) already? Do I need to individually replace the file in every affected email?

Nope, you’re off the hook! Infusionsoft enables you to easily upload a replacement file that will mass update any existing file as long as you upload the replacement file using the EXACT FILENAME that you are replacing. By using the same filename, you can overwrite the existing file and then change the filename, if desired, AFTER loading it. If you don’t see the option to overwrite the file when loading, carefully check the filename of the replacement file as there might be an extra space or typo that is stopping the option from appearing. If you correctly duplicated the replacement filename the same as the file you’re replacing, you’ll see this overwrite option appear as shown below:

Mass update a file in emails already in use by loading up replacement file with exact filename as file you're replacing.

Spot check a few affected emails to ensure all is in working order. If you have any questions about this process, please ask in Comments below.


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