What content giveaways will help grow your email list?[5/26/16 UPDATE]:  You can watch the replay here.

If you’re reading this, you already know how important your email list is.

You know how important it is to build your audience of potential customers, so that you can easily alert them the next time you have a new blog post, webinar, or sales opportunity. But exactly how do you entice people to join your email list? What kind of content should you give away to grow your list?

Tomorrow, the lead-gen experts at Leadpages are hosting an all-new live training to show you exactly what to give away, and how you can use these “lead magnets” to multiply the size of your email list fast.

If you need to grow your email list (or build an audience of potential customers), I highly recommend you check out this live training.

Live Training: What You Should Be Giving Away to Grow Your Email List 

Inside this all-new live training, you’ll discover. . .

  • How to Create the “Perfect Lead Magnet” in 30 Minutes or Less: You don’t have to spend hours (or worse, days or weeks) to create a lead magnet to grow your list. You’ll see how to create a high-converting lead magnet in less than 30 minutes.

  • Real-World Examples of Lead Magnets That Really Work: You’ll get an insider’s look at the highest-converting content Leadpages has ever given away (and how you can borrow this exact strategy for your own list).

  • Exactly How to Engineer an Entire Mini-Course: Think it would take weeks to create your own course? Think again. You’ll discover how to create extremely valuable course videos in a matter of minutes.

That’s just a glimpse of what’s coming in in this all-new live training. It starts Wednesday at 11 am Eastern (8 am Pacific). I’ll definitely be there. I hope you’ll consider joining me.

Live Training: What You Should Be Giving Away to Grow Your Email List

[5/26/16 UPDATE]:  You can watch the replay here.

Click above to reserve your spot now.


P.S. Only 1,000 people can join this live training session. So I recommend you show up ten minutes before the webinar begins. But first, go here to register for this live training.

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