New to Canva? Canva is an online design tool and is featured in our Resources page under “Graphics”.

Canva is an easy, useful tool for amateur designers or for small businesses who don’t have the budget to hire graphic design services. Canva offers many images, icons and shapes for free. However, if you need a special photo, the price is just $1.00 per image. Hard to beat that! Set up a credit in your account and design to your heart’s content.

When you visit Canva, you’ll see a slider across the top. For this example, let’s create a Facebook header. Canva has templates already sized for you. To see what’s going on behind the specifications, click here for Facebook’s dimensions on the cover photo and the profile image.

Use Canva template to create a header for your Facebook company page

You can upload your logo to Canva to create the Profile Picture box. (TIP: The Profile Picture is loaded separately in Facebook, so, with the Facebook Cover template, you’re just designing the expansive image that goes behind the profile pic.) If your logo isn’t showing correctly in the Facebook Profile Picture space provided, you can make it fit by using Canva’s “Use custom dimensions”. Create a 160×160 pixels box, load your logo to Canva, drag your logo image to the 160×160 box and it’ll automatically size it to fit. Next, save the Profile Picture file to your image directory then reload that into Facebook. You’ll see it fits perfectly! (This process is also shown in video below.)

[Updated 06/03/2016] Watch video below to:

1) Learn how to create a Facebook header using Canva’s template

2) For Facebook’s profile image, learn how to easily size your Profile Picture to 160×160 pixels using Canva’s custom dimensions.

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