For the past seven years I’ve run my marketing services business using the company name of Teresa Acosta Agency. It was time for a branding facelift and expansion of services… I’m pleased to announce my new company name and website, Marketing Mocktail, sweet resources for the designated small business driver!

Marketing Mocktail is a resource and services site for small business marketers, who are required to be nimble and resourceful using much smaller budgets and fewer resources than their larger competitors. The new business model better satisfies my desire to help small business owners grow their business.

In addition to our ongoing marketing services, you can now search an ever-growing list of marketing tools and resources to find what you need to get the job done. Also read headline marketing news on the home page to keep current with the ever-changing online marketing landscape. And if you’re looking for email marketing automation software, check out my Infusionsoft affiliate partnership page.

To add a bit of fun, our Friday morning newsletter comes with a new Mocktail recipe (super important!), important industry news links you may have missed, and any new tools added to our Resources page that week.

This weekly blog will cover:

  • Infusionsoft email marketing automation tips – 80%
  • General marketing tips – 15%
  • Social media tips – 5%

Our Friday email will be short and sweet, so sign up today!

I dedicate my launch to Marjorie Rosen, my collaborator-in-chief, whose love of words and alliteration led to Marketing Mocktail, sweet resources for the designated small business driver! My dearest Marjorie passed away this past March, just four days after celebrating her 87th birthday. Marjorie was a powerful life force with a heart filled with love for many, many friends and family. I hope she knew how many lives she touched. Her Memorial yesterday at Hakone Gardens was a testament to her beautiful spirit, her unwavering sense of humor and her indomitable strength.

A toast to Marjorie! 32x32

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